Our Artists

Meet our artists who have been inspiring Palestine's community

Moh Ghraiz (Founder)

Vogue, Breaking, and Cardio dance

Ahmed Ghraiz (Cofounder)

Contemporary and Breakdance instructor

Karim Azzam

Parkour and Breakdancer

Abdallah Ghraiz

Contemporary and Breakdancer


Contemporary and Breakdancer


Belal Saif

Breakdancer & Parkour

Amjad Elawadi

Jazz and Breakdancer


Break and contemporary dancer


From the refugee camps to you

Camps Breakerz

was established in Nusairat refugee camp, The Palestinian territories-Gaza in 2003 carrying the voices of the refugee and people of Palestine. Dancing is their resistance method to face the complicated political situation of Middle East. CB Crew has been performing and hosting dance classes and workshops since 2004 in Gaza Strip, Germany, and USA. Dance performances wich is expressively energetic reflect the message and the feeling of the people in Palestine seeking freedom, love, and peace. CB discovered the importance of dancing and art for the people of Gaza through performing and teaching. The school of CB Crew is the first dancing school in the history of Gaza Strip which in 2012 by the help and support of individual funders around the global. We chose the name of Camps Breakerz to show and reflect good images about the refugee camps in MiddleEast to people all over the world. CB Crew is one camp, one team, one dream.


- Establishing the first dance school in Gaza Strip.

-Dancing in events in the Islamic University in Gaza.

-HipHop for Peace in Geneva and Chicago.

-Gaza is Alive project for South Europe.

-Save the Children workshop program in Gaza.

- Dancing and teaching in the American embassy- Amman.


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